First steps in creating an info product

You’ve maxed out your income based on one-on-one work with clients. There are things you want to do, with your business and your personal life that your current income won’t support. You’re ready to add another source of income to your business. Where to start? Typically your first product will…

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Information should be accessible and useful

The why of your business is the foundation, the rock upon which you have built your present and your future. It is most likely based on experiences in your past. It is important to share that why through your books and products in order to engage your clients. I have…

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How to extend the life of your products

I grew up in the Midwest. I think every house in my neighborhood had evergreen shrubs in front of it. Now I live in the Low Country of South Carolina. Every neighborhood seems to have some pine trees along with the live oaks and palm trees – a touch of…

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